tufcon 600 HCR

600 HCR TMT Bars In India

600HCR indicates the feature of High Corrosion Resistance of that TMT bar. Tufcon manufactures these kinds of High Corrosion Resistance TMT bars using Copper and Chromium which are intentionally alloyed with TMT bars to improve corrosion resistance feature without compromising the high quality mechanical property.

Application of 600 HCR TMT bar

Tufcon 600 HCR TMT rebars are suitable for construction of RCC structures in coastal areas, in areas with high rainfall and corrosion prone zone.

Mechanical Properties of 600HCR TMT bar-

  • It can resist fire up to 600 degree.
  • Exclusive made for corrosion prone zone areas.
  • 600HCR has minimum Yield stress of 600 N/m^2.
  • 600 HCR indicates that it can bear the yield strength of 600MPa.
  • Elongation up to 12%.
  • It can be bend up to 20mm for 5D and over 20mm for 6D.

Chemical Properties of 600HCR TMT bar

Carbon – 0.17-0.24, Sulphur- 0.039, Phosphorus- 0.039, Sulphur+ Phosphorus- 0.078, Carbon Equivalent- 0.42

Tufcon TMT Rebars

  • Product Specifications As per BIS Standard Norms.
  • ISO 9001 certified.