I seize this opportunity to acknowledge the continued patronage of our valued customers and the incessant confidence that they have vested in our products, which inspires us to constantly extend the best of services, and empowers us to provide products that’s worthy of their trust and confidence in us.
"We are solemnly dedicated to the promise of producing high-quality steel, and making it available to our customers regardless of which part of the country they want to construct their dream. Our focus is relentlessly on the needs of our customers and our aim has been to provide them with efficient, reliable and affordable building materials in the form of our TUFCON 600 HCR TMT Rebars. We have immense belief in our product, and this confidence stems from the latest state-of-the-art German technology, which is the secret to our highest possible quality of TMT Re-bars. As a company, we’ll always stand committed to our objective of achieving Total Customer Satisfaction by identifying their specific needs, translating them into high-quality TMT Rebar products, and providing lightning-fast after-sales services. Read more


"We aspire to stand tall on the foundation of 3 Ps - People, Passion, & Place."
We strongly believe that our organization will reach new heights of success by giving equal focus to three core aspects.

We care deeply about the people we work with and those who have instilled their trust in us. We care about our diligent employees, our forward-thinking partners, and our trusting customers. We acknowledge the demands and requirements our society’s development is contingent upon, and work towards meeting those.


Passion is the fuel that drives the engine of success. Our passion defines our mindset and revitalizes our business, encouraging us to widen our horizon and work towards taking our dreams to greater heights.


We are forever indebted to Mother Nature, and want to ethically and honestly contribute towards building a better place that we can be proud of and where our future generations can thrive without inhibitions.


"The best quality or nothing"

We Strongly believe that quality products speak for themselves. Our customers trust us to strengthen the core of the foundation, and our primary objective is to always honor and respect that trust. That's the reason why we follow extremely stringent parameters and high quality assessment standards to ensure that our end customers receive the best quality product only.

"The essence of success is honesty, ethics, and taking ownership. The success we’ve tasted so far and the one we aim to achieve can only be achieved by bringing a seamless balance between what we say and what we offer. Therefore, when we promise the best quality products, we leave no stones unturned in ensuring that our actions meet our words."