Iron Binding Wires

Iron Binding Wires are usually used for holding construction materials to be soldered or cemented together. TUFCON Binding Wires, available in a range of diameters from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm are used extensively along with TUFCON TMT Rebars in the construction sector for tying any rebars at the joints to make the construction as a whole, extremely tough. TUFCON Iron Binding Wires are soft and flexible with continuous consistency making it breakage-free and the toughest in its class.

0.61 - 1.22 mm

0.61 - 1.22 mm

0.61 - 1.22 mm

Product Specifications As per BIS Standard Norms.

ISO 9001 certified.

Product Applications

The strong yet flexible TUFCON Binding Wires, corroborating with the standard BIS norms, are used by masons/engineers for tying the joints easily with added strength as it can properly hold the structural joints in place.

Product Features & Advantages

Wires are an integral part of every construction as they are used in conjunction with TMT Rebars. Therefore, it’s important to choose the highest quality wires. TUFCON Wires are annealed wires made from the highest quality of mild steel. The special process at the semi-integrated steel plant makes TUFCON Wires extremely flexible yet strong enough to withstand pressure. Binding TUFCON Rebars with TUFCON wires increases their collective strength and makes your construction strong enough to stand tall in the face of adversities.

Technology & Manufacturing Process

TUFCON Binding Wires are annealed wires and are made ofhigh-quality mild steel. Annealing at the TUFCON semi-integrated Steel Plant makes these wires have the properties ofextreme flexibility along with softness, which is mainly required for its use.