Best TMT Rebars in Eastern India

In our constant endeavor to deliver a strong foundation for your dreams, we bring to you a variety of products that suits different requirements but promises the same strength and power to build your future. Our products is Fe 550 and 600HCR Rebars. We ensure quality manufacturing and marketing services in a timely and cost-effective way, leveraging the latest German technology. This assures that your construction stands tall, come what may.

Fe 550

High-strength construction steel with a minimum yield strength of 550 Fe, ideal for small to medium reinforced concrete structures.

Fe 600

Superior-quality construction steel featuring a minimum yield strength of Fe 600, ensuring resilience and durability in medium to large reinforced concrete applications.

Available in the following sizes

Size 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 28mm
W/Pc 4.7kg 7.58kg 10.68kg 18.96kg 29.63kg 46.2kg 75.72kg

Product Applications

Ideal for all avenues of construction.

Our TMT Rebars are made with the latest German technology, ensuring that it can effectively withstand any kind of stress and load, thus, securing your dream construction from any untoward damages.

Product Features & Advantages

TUFCON TMT Rebars have a higher elongation quotient which gives us stronger steel and offers 20% stronger concrete structure. The high-caliber rib-pattern provides a solid grip on concrete and delivers an unmatched construction experience. They are exceptionally strong with extreme bendability, formidable weldability, and with tremendous elongation capability, it is earthquake-resistant and fire-proof.

Technology & Manufacturing Process

TUFCON TMT Rebars are manufactured with the latest Tempcore technology ensuring a significant increase in yield and ultimate tensile strength, while maintaining adequate ductility.

  BIS Norms certified.   |     ISO 9001 certified.