Fe 500 TMT Bars In India

Tufcon manufactures 500Fe TMT bar in their Jharkhand plant using latest German Tempcore Technology. 500Fe is considered as a high strength TMT bar. Tufcon 500Fe TMT rebar is used every modern RCC construction for its high caliber rib pattern which provides extra bonding, fire resistance property for better welding, superior bending, better performance in earthquake etc. Most of the Engineers this 500Fe TMT for best quality construction.

500Fe is a grade of TMT steel bar.

  • ‘Fe’ indicates the presence of iron in the TMT bar that is used as the raw material of TMT bar.
  • ‘500’ means the yield strength of this particular TMT bar.

Properties of 500Fe TMT bar-

  • 500Fe TMT bar indicates that 500MPa yield strength it can bear.
  • 500 Fe TMT bars has minimum Yield Stress is 500 N/m^2.
  • Ultimate Tensile Stress of a 500Fe TMT is 545N/m^2.
  • It can be elongated up to of 12%.
  • Composition: carbon-0.30%, Phosphorus-0.55%, Sulphar-0.55%

Tufcon TMT Rebars

  • Product Specifications As per BIS Standard Norms.
  • ISO 9001 certified.