304 grade stainless steel

Why 304 grade stainless steel is used most widely?

We’re taking a look at some of the more commonly used metal grades. The two most common stainless steel grades are 304 and 316. The basic difference is that grade 316 contains molybdenum ( molybdenum is an alloy that increases corrosion resistance property, especially for more saline or chloride-exposed environments like underwater construction). That’s why 316 grade steels are more preferable for underwater construction work.

About 304 stainless steel

Now let’s talk about 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is the most commonly used stainless steel grade. It is the most versatile and most widely used stainless steel available, inspire of a wide range of alternatives are available; and has excellent mechanical and welding property. 304 stainless contains between 18% and 20% chromium as well as a high nickel content, usually between 8 and 10 and a half percent by weight.

These two alloying elements give the steel excellent corrosion resistance. However, in chloride environments, 304 stainless steel is susceptible to pitting and crevice corrosion. 304 stainless also contains up to .75% silicon and .10% nitrogen, as well as some carbon, phosporus and sulfur. In terms of mechanical properties, 304 stainless typically has an ultimate tensile strength of 73,200 psi and an ultimate yield strength of 31,200 psi. 304 stainless steel is commonly used for home appliances, in commercial food processing piping, heat exchangers, and some structures in environments that would corrode standard carbon steel.

We know that all the steels have the same basic iron and carbon composition, but stainless steel also contains a healthy dose of chromium—the alloy that gives stainless steel its famous corrosion resistance.

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