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A stirrup (ring) is a closed loop of reinforcement bar that is manufactured from the strongest available steel. Reinforcement using Tufcon stirrups adds strength to concrete support columns. While the rectangular or square stirrup is more commonly used, we offer other types as well, in keeping with the design and shape of the load-bearing component, such as Circular, Polygonal, and U-stirrup or Crossties stirrups.

Tufcon Stirrups

  • Product Specifications As per BIS Standard Norms.
  • ISO 9001 certified.

Product Applications

Tufcon stirrups (rings), manufactured using high-strength, ribbed TMT reinforcement bars are commonly used in sizes 7”x7”, 7”x9”, etc. Our stirrups are manufactured by automated processes using state-of-the-art machinery. Besides, Tufcon stirrups adhere to the highest quality-control practices to ensure uniformity and precision. They have a 135° hook as per specifications, for better unitization with the concrete core. The standards followed during the manufacturing process meet all the statutory norms laid down by the Government of India, such as IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, IS 13920, which are all parts of the Indian Ductile Details Code.

Product Features & Advantages

Nails may seem like a nondescript item but it makes an essential part of every construction. For infrastructure to get a better grip and be consistently bound together, it is essential to choose nails that have been manufactured using the highest technology and have cleared the most stringent quality checks. TUFCON Nails go through multiple stages of manufacturing and polishing to give it its unique feature of solid rib pattern, makes it lightweight and extremely tough.

Technology & Manufacturing Process

The promise of our Rings is their precision. Tufcon has impeccable credentials and an excellent track record of rolling out Rings that meet the most stringent global quality standards.

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