TUFCON Footing

Introducing XT Footing by Tufcon, the ultimate solution for construction column support. Designed to provide exceptional stability and durability, XT Footing ensures a solid foundation for any building project. With superior load-bearing capacity and resistance to environmental stress, XT Footing is the perfect choice for enhancing the structural integrity of your construction columns. Trust Tufcon for reliable and robust construction solutions.

Available in the following sizes

Meter Used In
1.3 4' X 4'
1.45 4.5' X 4.5'
1.6 5' X 5'
1.9 6' X 6'
Tufcon Company TMT Manufacturing Photo
Tufcon Company TMT Manufacturing Photo
Tufcon Factory TMT Manufacturing Photo
  BIS Norms certified.   |     ISO 9001 certified.