Advantages of parallel Ribbed TMT Bars

What are the advantages of parallel Ribbed TMT Bars for construction in Jharkhand?

Parallel ribbed TMT steel bars have become the most popular choice among all types of TMT bars for the modern construction industry. All the modern construction has shifted towards RCC structure. TMT bars are stronger, more ductile, and come with more earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance properties.
But we should keep in mind in RCC , the R stands for Reinforcement which is the backbone of RCC. Especially in seismic zones like Jharkhand cross ribbed TMT bars are the most preferred. Because during the earthquake, reinforcement will prevent the building from getting collapsed.

All these advantages of TMT come from German Tempcore technology.

Majority of the TMT bars manufactured in India. The quenching and self-tempering technology results in a TMT steel bar that has a ductile core and a hard surface. This unique combination of strength and flexibility gives the TMT bars higher yield strength with more elongation and ductility.

But there is more to the process than the quality of the steel; TMT bar is manufactured with added parallel patterns on its surface for a tighter grip between two main construction materials, i.e. steel and concrete, improving the quality of concrete.

Here are some benefits of using parallel ribbed TMT bar in Jharkhand-

Higher grip between concrete and steel

The most important advantage of parallel ribbed TMT bars is that they provide better bonding strength between steel rods and concrete. This gives the structure higher strength during earthquakes or floods. Without these lugs and ribs, concrete could lose its grip leading to the collapse of the entire building.
For constructions in Jharkhand that comes under the seismic zone, parallel-ribbed TMT bars provide more safety.

Speedy Construction completion-

The parallel-ribbed pattern on TMT bars also increases the speed of the construction because of its easy handling. Workers can easily grip the rebar due to a parallel grip. So, workers can do rebar work in a very fast manner.

More savings of construction materials-

Reduction in construction cost is one of the first savings you will see with cross-ribbed TMT bars. With better grip, less concrete slips off during construction, thus reducing wastage.

Over the time, high-quality TMT bars create higher bonds between construction materials ensure that the structure lasts through its expected life cycle.

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