What is Tempcore Technology?

One of the most effective methods of steel production was developed by CRM GROUP, Belgium in early seventies. This technology produces high quality rebar’s up to 75mm dia with superior bendability and ductility. Highly weldable and strength providing reinforcing bars from mild steel using water instead of adding costly alloying elements like vanadium etc. which is economically beneficial for the manufacturing company.  Thus they can provide you high quality steel products in a lower rate.

This technology consists three successive stages by treating the mild steel-

  1. Mild steel is rapidly cooled through a cooling installation at the time of leaving the final mill stand for surface hardening
  2. After the quenching operation the surface layer is tempered by the left out residual heat in core
  3. In final stage the product lies on the cooling bed to get cooled down to normal temperature.

In Jharkhand state Tufcon Steel is manufacturing such highly weldable and bendable products.  There are 32 mills in India commissioned by CRM Group.

Advantages of Tempcore products-

  1. Maintains high strength and durability in any thermal condition may it be very high high or very low.
  2. Fully wieldable
  3. Rebars are used in rcc without any issue
  4. Economical due to low manufacturing cost
  5. High seismic resistance property
  6. Highly ductile and tensile due to nature of its core

The combination of pure raw material and advance tempcore process makes tufcon an excellent steel brand.

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