Advantages of TMT bar

For the steel ingredient the construction industry is mostly reliable on CTD bars (Cold Twisted Deformed), HYSD bars (High Yielding Strength Deformed) and the best quality TMT bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated).
Main advantage of TMT is the unique co-existence of soft inner core and hard outer surface which makes it an extreme flexible best option for earthquake resistance.

  1. Technical Features- TMT bars come with superior welding ability, working ability, ductility and better elongation.
  2. In modern construction TMT bars widely used in the construction industry due to their high percentage of flexibility.
  3. Manufacturing Process- Among various types of TMT bar manufacturing processes Tempcore method is the most beneficial for companies and it produces best quality and cost effective TMT bar which helps to pace the speed of construction.
  4. Superior quality TMT bars minimizes the risk of damage due to natural calamities like earthquake and fire casualties for their excellent features like higher bending level and totally fire resistance. To know more read our blog on advantages TMT for earthquake prone area.
  5. TMT bars are corrosion resistant which helps to minimize the rate of corrosion due to concrete. We often see the higher rust percentage of corrosion in steel results in cracking of the construction. But in the case of TMT you don’t have to worry because its corrosion resistance features.
  6. For corrosion resistance feature TMT offers superior protection from the humid environment of coastal areas or underground water construction.
  7. Another advantage of TMT bars is their excellent bonding strength. There are external ribs across the entire length of the bars which provides great bonding strength between the slippery concrete and the rebar.

For features mentioned above TMT is a perfect choice for coastal areas like west Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. That’s why to cater the special need of these areas after 12 successful years in construction; Sri Langta Baba Steels Pvt. Ltd has came up with brand-TUFCON steel.

FAQs related TMT bars and their Answers-

What are the common types of TMT bars active in market?

TMT Fe 415 Bars, 500 Fe, 550 Fe, 600 HCR are the common types of TMT which are active in Indian Market.

What are the uses of TMT bar?

415 TMT bars – Not used these days.
500 TMT bars – Use to construction projects.
550 TMT bars –  Use to industrial projects.
600 TMT bars – Use to construction of heavy-duty infrastructures.

TUFCON Profile –

Tufcon has made a strong network of distributors in West Bengal, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Bihar, Jharkhand. It produces highest quality of TMT products like TMT bars and other steel products like billets, nails, iron binding wire, Ring, MS Rod. With advanced in house research team Tufcon has made India’s first 600HCR grade TMT steel.

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