TMT Bar for earthquake zone

TMT Bar for earthquake zone

Geographically India is has four seismic zones, zone -2 is least active, zone-3 is moderate, zone-4 is high, zone-5 is Highest earthquake prone area. Geographical statistics of India show that 54% of the lands in India are vulnerable to earthquakes. 

It is estimated that around 200 million people in India will go through earthquakes by 2050.India has witnessed some major earthquakes ex- 2001 Bhuj,2004 Indian Ocean,2005 Kashmir,2011 Sikkim,2015 Nepal& India and these incidents caused severe damages like death of people, destruction of properties etc.

Earthquakes never come with an invitation. Now, if you want to increase your chance of survival and keeping safe your dream house or valuable property during earthquake you should build an earthquake resistance building. In a modern RCC construction, quality of steel plays a major role.

To keep your building erect or less damaged you should pick TMT steel instead of HYSD, TOR, TMX steel.

Now, the question comes

Why TMT is best for earthquake zones?

To, answer this question you have take several factors in account,

  1. Ductility- Irrespective of the manufacturing process steel bars should possess a strong external marten-site surface and a soft ferrite-pearlite core. This kind of high ductility is a feature of TMT bar.
  2. Elongation- High elongation index ensures inelastic strains are better performed than other processed steels during earthquake and also aftershocks.
  3. Yield Strength- With a high yield strength a steel rod can restore to its original shape after a seismic activity.
  4. Steel Grade- High Graded steel are manufactured by TMT process like Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 are available in India.  Theoretically, Fe 415 and Fe 500S appear to have earthquake resistance properties. In addition that few bright brands like Tufcon has manufactured some higher graded variant like Fe600.
  5. Tempcore Process- A TMT product is manufactured in various processes, but German Tempcore process is best because its economical and best quality TMT bar.

Now, you have understood the advantages of TMT steel over HYSD, TOR, TMX Steel for a seismic prone area. Overall quality including other factors also matters. Our expert team has written a excellent piece of content on how to check the quality of a TMT bar.

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