How TMX Steel Bars Are Superior Than TMT Steel Bars

What are the difference between tempcore (TMT) and thermex (TMX) bar?

TMX (THERMEX), from HSE GERMANY and TEMPCORE from CRM BELGIUM are the two patented technologies to manufacture thermo processed bars worldwide.
For residential constructions the most widely used steel is TMT. Being the advanced variants of steels, these two have some similarly also over the other CTD bars. These common points are-

TMX and TMT Bars bear very prominent ribs that give them improved adhesiveness, and provide the construction with higher strength and a longer life with improved resistance during earthquakes and other natural calamities.

How TMX Steel Bars Are Superior Than TMT Steel Bars?

  1. TMX bars have proven more heat resistance over TMT bars during fires. TMX bars are better than TMT bars but from cost point of view, where you do not need fire proof structures like water tank, compound walls.
  2. TMX (Thermax powered) steel is a high quality TMT steel bar, have a definite advantage over TMT Bars in terms of superior properties, such as weldability, strength, are more ductile and tensile.
  3. Thermex has low carbon percentage i.e., 0.15% , whether TMT Steel carbon percentage: 0.30%. That’s TMX bar is less corrosion prone than TMT bars.
  4. Thermex bars also has higher elongation i.e., 16 – 23% (TMT Steel – 14.5%),. This provides better resistance over earthquakes and other natures hazards.
  5. TMX Bars are produced only from MS Billet. But TMT bars are produce the rebars in coil form. This gives a TMX bars a definite advantage of straightness over TMT bars.

FAQs related TMX and TMT Bars-

What is tmx bar?

Thermax or TMX is the patented technologies for manufacture thermo processed bars worldwide and a Bar manufactured by TMX technologies is called TMX Bar.

What is the price of tmx bar?

The price of TMX bars are higher then TMT bars.

Which TMT is best for house construction?

TMT Steel Bars are the high-strength reinforcement with a tough outer core and a soft inner core and it is the best steel bars for industrial, commercial and residential projects based on their mechanical property.

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