Advantage of Fe 600 TMT bar for the construction of Underground Water Reserveour

Lets, find out together whether Fe 600 TMT bar is suitable for Underground Water Reserveour or not.
As an ex-civil engineer I can tell you that there are some advantages and disadvantages of Fe 600 TMT rebar. In this article we’ll look those advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Advantage of Fe 600 TMT:

Fe 600 TMT has the highest yield strength among the available rebars, so it will take much lesser space in RCC. If you use Fe 550, Fe 500 or Fe 415 it will take 8%, 17% and 31% extra steel respectively. For the designing an underground water reservour as per IS 3370 it will consume more percentage of steel in the section if lower grades like Fe 415 is used. So, by using Fe 600 will be economical with lesser area which will be equip you to more compacted concrete.

Disadvantage of Fe 600 TMT:

Any construction in higher seismic zone requires extra percentage of steel. So, keep in mind that if that construction falls under seismic zone III or higher you need to adopt the ductile design for the sake of stability of the structure. In the case of ductile design the steel bars must have elongation at failure of 14.5% or higher. Whereas Fe 600 complies with the requirement of IS 1786 2008.

Why Tufcon?

When purchasing steel of Fe 600 grade which has an elongation of 14.5% or higher and it meets also the other requirements of IS 1786 2008.

Till now you have understood that it’s a very technical thing. There are so many steel brands available in the market. Among all of the brands I can personally Tufcon Fe 600 TMT.

I’m confidently taking the name because I’ve used this brand in many of my past projects. Being a comparatively newer brand it comes with a lower price but same quality.

It’s one of the first brands that made Fe 600 TMT for using in various underwater and marine structures. There are numerous advantages of Tufcon steel like it’s manufactured by German Tempcore Technology, it’s BIS and ISO certified etc. You can read our latest blog on the advantages of Tufcon TMT bar.

FAQ which may help you

What are the grades of GMT bars?

These are the common TMT bar grade available in the market.

  • Fe 415 Grade
  • Fe 500 Grade
  • Fe 550 Grade
  • Fe 600 Grade
  • Deep Digging

Which are the best TMT bars for Construction?

According to the IS: 1786 both Fe 500 and Fe 500 D are grade TMT steel bars are best for the construction of commercial buildings in India.

What is difference between FE 500 and FE 500D?

According to the IS: 1786 both Fe 500 and Fe 500 D are types of TMT steel bars where “Fe” stands for Iron, 500 implies the minimum yield stress in MPa and letter “D” is implies for ductility which means that the steel bars have a higher percentage of elongation.

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