Top 5 factors to choose before buying a TMT steel

Indian steel market is full of different quality TMT steel. Among many factors we have selected the top 5 factors like corrosion resistance, thermal and earthquake resistance, manufacturing grade etc. By end of this article you’ll be able to decide which is the best TMT to buy for your next project.

TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars are made with high ductility, bending and elongation property to resist against corrosion, temperature, earthquake and other natural calamities. Because of these flexible properties of TMT, they are been widely used in all modern RCC structures. It’s wide applications ranges from small buildings to skyscrappers, industrial structures to dams and bridges etc.

Tempcore TMT-

Quality of TMT products often depends on the manufacturing process. We recommend the TMT products which are made by latest tempcore technology.

During the manufacturing process first TMT bars are hot-rolled from steel billets and then subjected to Tempcore Water Cooling System. This sudden quenching makes the outer surface colder while the inner core remains hot.

How to choose the best TMT?

There are 5 important factors that one should keep in mind while deciding the best quality TMT steel

1) Manufacturing Grades:
Normally in India TMT bars are available of the grades like Fe-450, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 with the numbers being the yield stress. The TMT bars with more yield stress gives the better quality and more strength and so the life span of the structure. However the lower grade bars can be used for balcony, fencing and other decorative constructions and higher ones for large RCC constructions such as roofs and floors.

2) Flexibility and Bending Capacity
TMT bars have excellent bending capacity. Due to their flexibility, they can be moulded into different shapes by bending them up to any extent which ensures the modern living style

3) Elongation property:
TMT bars are completely earthquake resistant because of its elongation property. In fact it can elongate up to 50% more than its original length without compromising on the measurements which helps to save on the construction as well.

4) Anti Corrosion and rust free- For the corrosion free and moisture resistant nature TMT bars can be used in modern constructions along sewage drains and where it has to be dealt with water for example salinity in groundwater.

5) Thermal resistance:
The high thermal resistance properties of TMT bars make them withstand fire hazard. Apart from that weldebility of the TMT bars has made this an ideal choice for modern RCC constructions.

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