Role of Tufcon Fe 500D TMT bar to protect your house from earthquake

Tufcon Steel, a steel brand of Sri Langtababa Steel (P) Ltd operates mainly in northern and eastern Indian states (like- West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha etc) and Nepal. If you are planning to start construction in these areas, then you should carefully choose the steel brand. Because 54% of the Indian land is defenceless against earthquakes.
According to IS 1893 (Part 1) 2002 India is divided into 5 seismic zones based on the seismicity. These eastern Indian states come under seismic zone 4 among the 5 seismic zones in India. This zone 4 is High Damage Risk Zone.

In modern RCC construction steel works as a bone in the body. For seismic zones you have to see the strength of the steel apart from ductility. A ductile steel will resist better against earthquake shocks than normal steel.

500D grade steel has a strength of resist against the force of 500N/mm2 along with extended feature of ductility. Now you may say that why not opt for 550D or 600D grade steel. Before I clary this confusion just look at points mentioned below

  • Fe 500D => Moderately High Strength with High Ductility
  • Fe 550D => Higher Strength with Low Ductility
  • Fe 600D => Even Higher Strength with Very Low Ductility

So, going with Fe 500D grade steel neither you have to compromise strength nor with ductility. Till now you have understood that it’s a very technical thing. There are so many steel brands available in the market. Among all of the brands I can personally Tufcon Fe 500D TMT is the best. I’m confidently taking the name because I’ve used this brand in many of my past projects. Being a comparatively newer brand it comes with a lower price but same quality. There are numerous advantages of Tufcon steel like it’s manufactured by German Tempcore Technology, it’s BIS and ISO certified etc.

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