Why corrosion resistant TMT bar is best for construction?

Before involving into a new construction we should know about rusting and its harmful effects. In the case of RCC, rusting shouldn’t be allowed at any cost. Rusting is a chemical process that happens when iron and oxygen react with water or moisture under certain condition. In the present trend of using corrosion resistant TMT bars that claims of rusting prevention. Many people actually believe this fact, but as an experienced civil engineer I can say that it’s just a myth.

Let’s Bust the Myth!!!

Iron and its alloys like- steel usually gets corrosion when it’s left in the presence of oxygen and moisture without any condition checking. Technically rusting is a combustion reaction, like fire but very slower process. Water and salt can contribute more to the rusting process. Although rusting cannot be completely avoided but certain measures can slower the process.

Before purchasing go through the manufacturing process of that particular TMT brand. The TMT Steel bars are manufactured by a unique three-stage process of quenching, self-tempering and annealing. Among these three steps quenching is important process for producing corrosion resistant TMT bar because in this step a hardened outer layer called “martensite” is formed by rapid cooling. This outer layer not only provides developes high corrosion resistance property of the bar. Reputed companies, like- Tufcon writes clearly about their manufacturing process on their websites.

Location matters-

TMT steel rods are made in such a way that they are manufactured with better corrosion resistance and rust proof nature.
The corrosion resistant TMT bar can only resist and keep the construction strong for a long time in the flood prone and coastal areas. Also, the places with high humidity require such TMT bars. In the underwater construction it’s a priority.

Although the TMT bars are very high resistance to corrosion sitll the formation of rust can be minimized by storing the TMT bars at sheds to avoid the contact with water. Another way is to apply a coat of paint or epoxy or cement slurry.

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