Properties of Stainless Steel

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a type of steel alloy that comprises of the chromium content amounting to 10% or higher in weight. Due to the adequate content of chromium within the stainless steel, the steel product does not rust, stain or corrode.

Due to this feature, the particular variety of steel is known as corrosion-resistant steel. Also, stainless steel is commonly used in cutlery, watch straps, etc. Also, you can find different grades of this steel in the market each dedicated for a different purpose.

Features of stainless steel

Stainless steel has the ability to heal itself, which is an unique feature. The reasoon behind the self is the percentage of chromium content which allows the formation of an invisible chromium oxide layer on the damaged surface of the steel. If the damaged stainless steel is exposed to oxygen /air – even in small amounts – it will become self-healing, even with the mechanical and chemical damage.

Chemical components of stainless steel

  1. During the manufacturing process corrosion resistant property is increased by adding other elements, such as nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum.
  2. The percentage of carbon is very low in stainless steel.
  3. chromium content amounting to minimum 10% or higher in weight.

Advantages of stainless steel

There are different corrosion resistant properties related to different grades of stainless steel. due to the invisible layer of chromium oxide that protects stainless steel materials, making them stain and corrosion resistant, stainless steel is additionally the perfect choice for hospital and other hygiene-conscious conditions.

Another major advantage of using stainless steel materials is that the significant strength-to-weight advantage over other material options. due to the unique ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage, high strength duplex grades provide added strength, allowing a reduced thickness within the material, providing a price advantage over conventional grades of stainless steel .

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