Applications of TMT bars in construction

When you talk about importance of TMT bars used in a building, it should be always remembered that they provide the extra strength to a in RCC structures apart from offering high tensile strength and support to a building structure during earthquake.

Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Bars aka TMT bars are the high-strength reinforcement with a tough outer core and a soft inner core. Variety of TMT steel bars are available in the market that are used in various industrial, commercial and residential projects based on their mechanical property. There are mainly four grades of TMT bars available in the market– Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600.

Fe 415 Bars:

Fe 415 grade TMT bars are ductile and pocket-friendly. Now a days Fe 415 grade TMT bars are not in used due to the more ductility and less strength. That’s why, Fe 415 grade is suitable only for small scale house constructions

Fe 500 Bars:

Fe 500 Bars TMT bars are the most widely used and standard reinforcement bars for construction projects and are widely used for multi-storeyed, commercial and residential construction projects. The popularity behind these bars are for providing high tensile strength & ductility and are specially manufactured for the maintenance of stability to multistoreied structures. These bars are ideal for constructions in high seismic zones and earthquake prone areas because these steel bars offer greater ductility. This grade of TMT bars also provides corrosion resistance

Fe 550 Bars:

Because Fe 550 TMT bars have more tensile strength, but less ductility than Fe500D grade TMT bar that’s why this grade is used in large scale infrastructure and industrial projects. Bridges and industrial structures use Fe 550 grade TMT bar for high load bearing capacity.

Fe 600 Bars:

These grades of TMT bars have higher strength, but leasr ductility. Fe 600 grade of TMT bars are mainly used for the construction of heavy-duty infrastructures, marine structures, commercial properties etc. So, based on the projects, grades and quality of TMT bars are chosen

A leading manufacturer of high-grade TMT steel bars, Tufcon TMT offers premium quality authentic strongest and long-lasting Fe 550 TMT Bars, which are, today, widely used in various construction projects from independent houses high-rise residential buildings to long-span bridges and flyovers, dams, and roads. These TMT Bars can be choosen as per the design requirements of the structure.

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