Cost saving tips while buying TMT in Bihar and Jharkhand

In regular construction Fe-415 & Fe-500 grade steel are used. Cost of bars depends on multiple things like- required volume of the steel, grade of the steel and brand of the steel.

Required Volume of the steel-

Without compromising the strength manipulation of the grade of the steel can be a great way to reduce the total cost of the steel. By replacing Fe-500 with Fe-415 leads to up to 20% savings in the amount spent on buying TMT bars.

Grade of the Steel-

Fe-415 grade means a strength of 415 N/mm2. is required to bend the TMT bar, whereas Fe-500 means a strength of 500 N/mm2 is required to bend the TMT bar.
Fe-500 is = {(500-415)/415}X100%= 20% stronger than Fe-415 grade steel.

You can save a lot of money by using Fe 500 along with achieving higher strength.
For example, a structure requires 1 ton of steel, which costs Rs 50,000 for Fe-415, then Fe-500 grade would require, 0.8 ton of steel, which would cost Rs 40,000 leading to a saving of Rs 10,000 per ton.

Brand of the Steel-

Some established brands boasts themselves as a superior by just using fancy marketing advertising words. But as a smart buyer you should focus on the manufacturing technology of the steel. When you are going to construct in Jharkhand you should focus on the earthquake prone nature of the land.

So, try to buy a TMT bar made of German Tempcore Technology. It will help your structure to resist against earthquake. We advise you inspect the manufacturing process of the steel. Like- Tufcon TMT steel products which is made in Jharkhand using German tempcore technology. Being comparative new brand it costs lesser than same quality but established brands. Why to spend more when you are getting the same quality ? If you are trying to purchase steel in Jharkhand then Tufcon is the no 1 choice for you.

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