Application of tufcon TMT

Application of TUFCON TMT in Your Commercial or Residential Property

The whole point of using robust TMT bars- be in residential or commercial constructions is to give extras strength to RCC structure and support the whole infrastructure during earthquakes or similar natural calamities.
TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Bars are perfect for reinforcing the strength of the strong peripheral core and softer inner core during constructions.

Due to this, you will find a variety of different TMT steel bars readily sold in the market for all manner small-medium and large scale construction projects.
Moreover, the brand you choose for your TMT steel bars also plays a major role the efficacy of the construction. And when it comes to a quality TMT steel bar manufacturer, TUFCON is one name which immediately comes to mind.


Into the Various Applications of TUFCON TMT Steel Bars
But before getting into that; let’s first look into the types of TUFCON TMT bars available in the market along with its distinctive advantages.

Types of TUFCON TMT Steel Bars –

TUFCON offers you four different grades of TMT steel bars for all types of construction projects. They are as follows –

Advantages of TUFCON TMT Steel Bars –

  • Each TAFCON TMT bar features superior quality welding, ductility and impressive elongation
  • Its TMT bars are impervious to corrosion, thus negating the possibilities of them cracking post construction
  • Its TMT steel bars also feature impressive bonding strength. They consist of external ribs present through the entire length of these bars and that lends in the bonding strength particularly between slippery concrete and the rebar
  • Furthermore, it’s superior-quality TMT steel bars are also fire-retardant and poses no risks of damage during natural calamities like fire or earthquakes


It’s no secret that the application of TAFCON TMT steel bars will vary depending firstly on its overall ductility and strength, and secondly on the nature of the construction!

Fe 415

They are primarily used for small-to-medium scale commercial or residential projects. They easily bend into the desired shape – even if it is a complex one and prove perfect for such constructions Ideally, you can use them for reinforcing residential homes, apartments and even in constructing small commercial structures.

Fe 500

This TMT grade is considered to be the standard choice for several multi-storey residential and commercial constructions. They offer better tensile strength than FE 415 and are often favoured for performing construction work in locations with high seismic activities.

Fe 550

Most residential and commercial construction procurement managers choose FE 550 TMT steel bars from TAFCON to perform large-sized infrastructural projects. This is particularly when working in underground environments, coastal regions and risky industrial regions.

Fe 600

Fe 600 is the strongest TMT steel bars from TAFCON. And they are mainly used in heavy-duty commercial infrastructures, large-scale commercial bridges/flyovers, high-rise residential properties and even for maritime facilities.
In comparison to the above options, it presents the most tensile strength, impressive strength reinforcement and minimum steel congestion.


Each of these strong and durable TMT steel bars are made from cutting-edge German technology. And using them for your next commercial or residential construction will guarantee you 20% stronger concrete structure and an unmatched construction experience.
SO, what you waiting for? GET IN TOUCH WITH US to get your desired TUFCON TMT steel bars.

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